Why Aren’t We On Page 1 at Google?

Why Aren’t We On Page 1 at Google?

Chances are you haven’t done SEO yet or maybe you have no content.  The first step is to get in touch with us.  We can identify your needs and tell you how to get started in the world of SEO.  Google needs minutes to weeks, depending on your site to index it or new content appearing on it.  Without SEO, it might even take forever.

In the past, SEO success was measured by whether or not you were ranked high on the first page of Google.  But even if you ranked well for a term, does that actually mean you’re going to see results?

Not always.  You may rank REALLY well for a term that isn’t ideal for your business.  So you appear high on search engines, get a ton of traffic, but then your website visitors realize your company is not what they’re looking for.  You don’t make any money off of this traffic, and ranking high for this particular keyword is essentially fruitless.

Also, you don’t necessarily need to be in the top three slots to be successful.  In fact, if you rank well on subsequent pages, you may still have a high clickthrough rate, albeit less traffic.  That’s great news for marketers who can’t seem to bring pages into those top slots or off the second page.  We said it before and we’ll say it again: The amount of traffic to your page matters less than how qualified that traffic is.

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