Link Building

Link Building

In order to achieve great search engine placement, you need to execute a well-rounded ongoing link building campaign.

Why is link building so important?

The search engine is a machine -- a robot. The robot is very limited in the ways that it can determine how valuable your website is for a particular keyword. The robot will visit your webpage and use a checklist of items to determine the theme of your physical website (the stuff on your actual webpage). The robot also searches and finds any other website that are pointing (linking) to you. It will read the page of the website that links to you and use another checklist to determine how important the website is and how consistent their information is with the theme on your webpage. Based on the overall theme (both on and off your page), the search engine will award you with great positioning/placement for specific keywords.

Here's the building is no longer about doing a competitor link audit, or blasting social bookmarks, or linking from useless blogs. You need to have a story, a unique story, and you need to make people care enough to link to you organically.

Our Link Building Strategies Include:

  • Competitor Link Audits & Analysis
  • Press Release Optimization
  • Proprietary In-House Trade Secrets and Methods Proven to Boost Quality Inbound Links through organic methods
  • Related Strategy Link Building Reachout
  • Link Tracking and Monitoring

There are two very important things to consider about the link building process.

One is that we do not build links we can NOT control. The reason this is so important is that as of 2012, Google has been making massive on-going algorithm filters to penalize websites. If you build links that cannot control, adjusting to their algorithms will be nothing short of a nightmare. Many SEOs will build links anywhere they can leaving you with big problems if you are ever affected by any algorithmic updates.

Another very important consideration is that we do not build "keyword rich" spammy backlinks. Many years ago, you could simply repeat keywords in your back-link profile and rank #1. That practice will now get you penalized for breaching the Google Quality Guidelines. We focus heavily on building the PageRank of your entire website, not a specific page, and not a specific keyword.

Our ultimate goal is to tell your story in the most unique way possible and find publications and relevant websites that want to link to you because you are VALUABLE, not because you offered them incentive.

Without executing a strong link building program, you will fail to achieve and sustain top 10 placement on the major search engines. Consider it a popularity contest.

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