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SEO Starter

SEO Starter Account – $250


Let the SEO Management Team get you started on your path towards optimization. With 5 hours of site optimization services included, this is an entry-level account where we handle all of the work for you in order to boost your website’s traffic and visibility.

Call us today at 888.851.0255 for a FREE ANALYSIS. A search engine optimization audit can come in varying levels of detail and complexity. Our SEO audits help to address glaring on-page issues such as missing titles and a lack of well-developed content. This ultimately allows us to focus on the areas of your website that need to be improved upon.


We develop a plan of action and help you hone in on the most effective and successful channels.  Our affordable SEO accounts come with a lot of the standard components in addition to the expertise and dedication that only the SEO Management Team can offer.

  • On-Page/On-Site Optimization – We will conduct a thorough site audit to determine errors in your site. We will then compile a report with the recommended corrections and explain in detail where your website is lacking and needs work.
  • On-Page Content Analysis – We will look at the content of each page and check to see if it is optimized for the keywords you are targeting. We will make the necessary recommendations in order to produce the right keyword-optimized content.
  • Off-Page Optimization/Link Building – Link building is a major element in any SEO campaign. Building links that point back to your website will increase its popularity and value, thus signaling Google to elevate your rankings even further.
  • Tracking and Reporting – We monitor and track your rankings to ensure that every little detail is done right. Each month, a comprehensive rankings report will be available to you so that you can see your movement on Google. We will also include a sample of the links we built in the monthly report as proof that work has been done.


– Detailed SEO reporting

– Indicates key performance metrics

– Identifies potential opportunities

– Easy-to-understand and provides actionable recommendations

– Continuously measures and refines your SEO campaign value with advanced analytics, tracking and reporting

– Specifically includes site audit, keyword tracking, rank tracking and social tracking


Our team of experts are here to support you along the way.  We will work together to implement the necessary SEO strategies and processes to ensure we reach your online goals.


– Continuous optimization of site structure and content

– Strategic link development

– Translate proven strategies into action

– Identify high volume keywords – keyword research and strategy

– Targeted traffic